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Autumn Term, thursday, friday 16 December 2016.
This was released as an App for the EPrints bazaar called.
The four pilot departments are: Biological Sciences (proteomics and bio-imaging data) Essex Business School (management data) Language and Linguistics (second language acquisition and socio-linguistics data) Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (artificial intelligence data) Events and presentations 25 -, Jisc Managing Rearch Data Programme Workshop: achievements.Spring Term Monday Friday Easter Day: ummer Term Monday Friday Graduation Monday Friday University diary 2018-19 academic year Event Begins Ends Notes Autumn Term Thursday Friday 14 December 2018 Some hoofdstuk 6 track te ontmoeten teaching adult finder vriend doorgeven dates for students vary according to campus, degree level and course.The report, summary results and questionnaire describe the findings of this survey, to which 13 percent of research staff responded.This app allows institutions to set up their own EPrints-based data repository with expanded metadata profile for describing research data and a redesigned data catalogue for presenting complex collections.A University of Essex sustainability plan for data management infrastructure was developed by the project steering group, based on the project findings and expertise gained.This involved evaluating current research data management and sharing practices, as well as ingesting representative sample data into the pilot repository, including proteomics and bio-imaging data, socio-linguistic data, artificial intelligence data and management research data.We developed a Data Inventory Form, derived from an earlier data management practices assessment carried out with research centres as part of the Archive's DMP-esrc project in 2011, and also based on the Data Asset Framework methodology.The project team, led by the UK Data Archive, included staff from Information Systems and Services (ISS the Research and Enterprise Office (REO) and Records Management at the University of Essex.Exams for specific groups of students may take place at other times.We worked closely with four of the University's research-rich departments: Biological Sciences, Essex Business School, Language and Linguistics, and Computing and Electronic Systems.Departmental Handbook or the, examinations Office for more information.First year undergraduate students should arrive earlier than the start date shown in order to attend University and departmental Welcome events.This is a Non-Federal dataset covered by different Terms of Use than Data.More about Graduation, timetables.The report Research Data Management at the University of Essex describes the findings of this assessment.Data management guidance and training are also provided for the University's research community.
Besides the repository development, the project also developed an institutional data management policy for the University and a roadmap for compliance with the UK's Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (epsrc) policy framework on research data.
Extensive in-house customisation was done to make the EPrints software - initially developed for hosting research publications - more suitable for storing and presenting research data.

The metadata profile adopted is based on DataCite (2012) and the European inspire metadata schema (inspire, 2009 and is compliant with the international specification Data Documentation Initiative.1.Working with research hubs A data inventory was carried out within four pilot departments to assess researchers' data management practices, needs and expectations.Overview project outputs, overview, the Research Data @Essex project, funded under the.Development has focused on expanding the EPrints metadata profile to allow the capture of detail necessary for describing a wide diversity of research data collections, while also meeting standards relevant to UK Higher Education.In collaboration with the EPrints team at Southampton we also developed the data repository app 'ReCollect' for the.Close working with researchers ensured ample testing and polishing of the software.This app allows institutions to set up their own EPrints-based data repository.A regular programme of Research Data Management workshops takes place for University of Essex researchers as part of the University of Essex Learning and Development programme.2017-18 academic year, event, begins Ends Notes Autumn Term Thursday Friday 15 December 2017 Some teaching dates for students vary according to campus, degree level and course.License: No license information was provided.Non-Federal: This dataset is covered by different Terms of Use than Data.
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