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But is there any sense in comparing rules if legal cultures differ?
He has served on the editorial boards of several leading academic journals and assisted in establishing the prestigious networks of economics, law and finance academics in Europe at the Centre for Economic Policy Research (cepr) and ecgi.The lecture was followed by a lively discussion.Giard delivered his inaugural lecture, entitled Dokteren aan het aansprakelijkheidsrecht.Third-party funding of mass damages claims is a controversial issue and the Commission's Recommendation of 2013 tries to ban profit-oriented third party funders and group representatives.During this guest lecture, the findings on the effect of attorneys and judges experience in litigation, especially regarding claims for non-pecuniary damages (pain and suffering) were elaborated.In his guest lecture Carrot and Sticks: More than Just Setting the Right Price, prof.Jonathan Klick: The value of the right to exclude.If you would like to attend the seminar, please send an e-mail to Ilja Tillema.Waterman has also examined Dutch social security legislation, in particular the Labour and Income According to Capacity Act 2006 (WIA) from the viewpoint of victims of occupational accidents and diseases.Some of these efforts have proved quite successful, stimulating a process that bears obvious parallels to features characteristic of competitive markets in goods and services.Different legal systems have different ways of addressing the involvement of third parties and any interest in the dispute.However, the results also show that the udrp procedure still needs improvement in particular areas.
The study, to be carried out by several Dutch and international experts under her scientific directorship, will identify current gaps in the regulatory framework and deliberate on future perspectives for a European Code of Private International Law.
Speakers include leading ombudsmen and experts.

Seminar Juxtaposing Autonomy and Paternalism in Private Law 26 February 2010 On 26 February 2011, Anthony Ogus and Willem van Boom organised a fruitful seminar entitled Juxtaposing Autonomy and Paternalism in Private Law.Medical mishaps can have devastating consequences for patients and their families.It generates vast amounts of revenue for those who own it and it invests a substantial proportion of the wealth that we possess.Gerhard Wagner appointed Erasmus Chair of Fundamentals of Private Law 2 November 2009 - Prof.Engel discussed the merits and the challenges in using a scientific method for casting new light on the social problems the law means to address, and on the effectiveness of legal intervention.Most recently he was Professor of Law at the University of Manchester.The ultimate goal of law and legal scholarship is governing peoples lives, not solving empirical puzzles.Appointed professor of Empirical Legal Studies At Erasmus School of Law Prof.Debated topics included the concept of smart mixes, the balancing of universal.A few of the questions that could be relevant in this area are: What specific requirements of procedural justice follow from the role of distributor?
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