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Mailers can obtain postal codes from.
N If postal code was unknown, destination city options now appear.
GXG offers the adult friend sicherheit157 Wenen most accessible, reliable, high-speed premium guaranteed international service in the competitive marketplace.
Please contact Reservations in advance so we can notify you of any requirements or travel changes that may affect you and your pet.If not filled out entirely in English, the shipment will be refused and returned to the origin office.If the weight of the item is more than the weight used when the Click-N-Ship label was purchased, dont return the package or document to the customer.Who's operating my flight?N Recipients telephone number online dating seksuele spanning required if shipment is addressed to a PO Box.The customer must also state the purpose of the shipment (i.e., gift (unsolicited personal effects, personal use (new, no resale catalog/order return, commercial sale, intra-company transfer, return for repair, return after repair, marked samples (no resale) mutilated samples (no resale etc.).Make sure to use English (for instance, Moscow instead of Moskva).

N Postage.S.Section 3 Shipment Information n Documents: Check this box if the shipment contains only correspondence and/or printed matter.N No Customs form required on First-Class Mail International letter-size and flat-size items containing only documents weighing under 16 ounces or containing only documents and entered by a known mailer.Make sure all of the following information is entered completely and accurately: n Date.Shipment Contents Selection Select the items that appear on the shipping label.Inform the customer of the new delivery date.
N Dimensions in inches (Nondocument shipments).