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Regulatory capital requirements for operational risk are calculated without the use of risk-weighted assets, but are included in the total risk-weighted assets reported.
Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) Regulatory measure for the liquidity of banks, which compares the amount of high quality liquid assets with a potential outflow over a one-month period.
This can be viewed as the worst-case loss that sex vergadering leverkusen ING Bank may incur as a result of holding a position in underlying securities whose Issuer's credit quality deteriorates or defaults.After the initial valuation of assets and liabilities of the investee at fair value, the assets and liabilities of the investee are valued in accordance with the accounting policies of the investor.As such, money market deposits tend to be short-term in nature.Stress testing Stress testing examines the effect of exceptional but plausible scenarios on the capital position of ING.Solvency I Solvency I is the current prudential framework that lays out the amounts of regulatory capital an insurance undertaking must hold against unforeseen events.Although not all definitions and parameters of the CRR/CRD IV have been finalised, the key principles of Basel III have been included in both the solvency and liquidity risk appetite framework that are continuously monitored by senior management.Value in use The present value of estimated future cash flows expected to arise from the continuing use of an asset and from its disposal at the end of its useful life.Deferred tax assets/liabilities arising from temporary differences The amounts of income tax receivable/payable in future periods in respect of taxable temporary differences between carrying amounts of assets or liabilities in the balance sheet and tax base, based on tax rates that are expected to apply.Common Equity Tier 1 items of institutions consist of the following: (a) capital instruments (b) share premium accounts related to the instruments referred to in point (a) (c) retained earnings (d) accumulated other comprehensive income (e) other reserves (f) funds for general banking risk.When a business or a group of assets are to be sold together in a single essex bibliotheken contactgegevens transaction, and the sale is considered to be highly probable, these are classified separately in the balance sheet as Assets held for sale.This includes term loans, mortgages, revolving credits, overdrafts, guarantees, letters of credit, etc.Probability of default (PD) The likelihood that a customer or counterparty will default.Exposure at Default (EaD) The exposure at default intends to estimate with the use of models the outstanding amount or obligation at the moment of default in the future.

Credit risks arise in INGs lending, pre-settlement and investment activities, as well as in its trading activities.The change in the Net Present Value of a cash flow or a pool of cash flows due to a one basis point change of the yield curve.Operating result Operating result is a measure to analyse the Insurance underlying result.In the money A call option is said to be in the money if the exercise price is lower than the price of the underlying value; a put option is said to be in the money if the exercise price is higher than the price.(b) The share premium accounts related to instruments referred to in point (a.).Perpetual debt securities and preference shares).The amount of the obligation cannot be measured with sufficient reliability.This premium reflects the price of illiquid long-term funding, which increases in stressed markets.Exchanges act as intermediaries and require daily cash settlement and collateral deposits.
Surrender The termination of a life or retirement contract at the request of the policyholder after which the policyholder receives the cash surrender value, if any, on the contract.