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19 The game also features all-new CG character art, just as there was a change in art from Tekken 5 to Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.
Comments powered by Disqus.The console versions (excluding the PSP version) also include an extra beat 'em up mode entitled "Scenario Campaign" which bears similarities with the "Tekken Force" and "Devil Within" modes from previous installments.Players are able to customize characters and take any non-customized or customized character online.A score of 0 means that people are neutral and can take it or leave.Retrieved Trailer details "Tekken 6 for PSP".43 The game got to #3 in th UK sales charts.
"Tekken 6 Xbox 360 Review".
Players can move freely between fights, but when a group of enemies are encountered, the gameplay switches to the traditional, two-dimensional Tekken style.

10 11 The graphics engine has been designed with focus on character-animation to make movements look more smooth and realistic which led to many animations being remade to either reflect the impact and damage caused or to create new possibilities in gameplay.Kendrick, Ben (23 December 2009).If users accessed them, they were given rewards.a b c d "Tekken 6 Revealed".Due to being unable to defeat larger opponents however, he disappeared from the fighting world, determined to increase his weight and power while still maintaining speed.41 The PSP version received positive reviews.Its calculated by asking users on a scale of 0 to 10 if they would tell their friends about the site / service.Reception edit Reception Critical response to Tekken 6 among reviewers has been generally favorable.According to Media Create, this made this the fastest selling fighter until August 2012 when the record was broken by the PS3 port of Persona 4 Arena with 180,000 units.The death of Leo's mother, presumably at the hands of Kazuya Mishima prompts Leo to begin investigating the Mishima Zaibatsu.
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37 IGN stated that "While Tekken is not for everybody, Tekken 6 should appeal to a fairly wide variety of fighting game fans.