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Kupang datingsite kiezen Bay Salt Farm edit With investment of about.500 billion (58.5 million the state-owned salt firm PT Garam will begin building a 4,000-hectare salt farm of 500,000 tons per year in Kupang Bay in 2012 and expects to begin initial production in 2013.
The wettest month is January with precipitation total 386 millimetres (15.2 in) and the driest month is August and September with precipitation total 2 millimetres (0.079 in).
Kupang Harbor is an old sea port now berthing datingsites kenya sailboats from abroad and has become a stopover in saling Indonesia from Darwin, Australia.
This port serves timber ships heading to Rote, Semau and areas around the city of Kupang.After a series of Dutch defeats in 1655, 16, large refugee groups from the VOC allies Sonbai and Amabi settled in the vicinity of Kupang in 1658 and formed small kingdoms on land that traditionally belonged to the Helong.Apart from the old Helong territory, Timor was largely dominated by the Portuguese up to 1749.The town was opened to foreign trade in 1825 and fees were abolished three years later.The British returned the town to the Dutch in 1816.The house of the Resident of Timor in the early 20th century.Sea edit Kupang harbour is a harbour in Kupang that can serve both cargo and passenger ships.Hans Hägerdal 2012,.Retrieved ' PT Garam to build Kupang Bay salt farm in 2012', The Jakarta Post, "NTT Ekspor Ikan ke Empat Negara".Education edit In 1962, the University of Nusa Cendana was established, and the city became important both in the field of education and also economically.The only casualty of his voyage was a crewman named John Norton who was stoned to death by the natives of Tofua, the first island they tried to land.From 1918 to 1955 it was governed by the Nisnoni family, a branch of the Sonbai Dynasty.
Think tanks organisation also exist in the city and one of the leading think tank is Institute of Resource Governance and Social Change ( irgsc ).
The camps around Kupang were also of significant impact on the city.

Representatives of the, dutch East India Company (VOC) approached Kupang in 1613 after having conquered the Portuguese fort.0.96.m van het centrum.We zijn begonnen in 2012 en groeien hard!From Kupang yachts head north to Alor and then stop at various ports in Indonesia over a period of about three months ending up in Singapore.The city has a distinct wet season and dry season.Kupang was part of the colonial pseudo-state East Indonesia that was set gratis sexdating sites up by the Dutch, and the town area was included in the zelfbesturend landschap Kupang.At the 2010 Census, the city had 336,239 residents.
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