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The Initiative is that sex pistols experience tour data 2015 within six months actively monitor and evaluate the work of Parliament in matters of job creation for target groups: women, youth, disabled persons and returnees.
The aim of workshop is motivation of youth to participate more actively in future local elections.They invited all participants to address them in situations of breaking womens human rights in their areas because they are in position to contact an appropriate authorities with existing mechanisms for the solution of problem.Victims of trafficking in people didnt willingly accept to be trafficked; they were cheated and forced on exploitation in purpose of beggary, work, sexual and every other exploitation.From the beginning women have activatedto enable space in Center for culture in Osinja for which they got support and help of the Mayer.Celebration of October 18th European Day of Fight Against Trafficking in People.Celebration of October 15th International Day of Rural Women.The aim of meeting was to exchange experiences about the state of womens rights and examples of organizing women in local communities in the region of Doboj.We give our contribution to the work of the Network because we think that we can do a lot in fight against trafficking in people by joint actions.The most answers were about employment of young people and women; expansion of kindergarten capacity, decoration of playgrounds, solution of problem of stray dogs and, which is very important, they emphasized necessity for bigger care for old people in our local community.As a member of ring Network and with support of the Ministry of security BiH, our organization has included in celebration of European day of fight against trafficking in people.Participants of the regional meeting have actively involved in discussion on womens human rights in their areas to give a contribution to formulate conclusions.Women visited Andrigrad, association of women Derventa organized one-day trip for women from.It was another opportunity for women from urban and rural local communities to socialize, exchange experiences and, within the work part of the trip, to talk about necessity and importance of womens participation in public and social life.Association of women Derventa is a member of ring Network BH network against trafficking in people made of BH NGOs which is active in fight against trafficking in people.Povrijeenoj su teke povrede konstatovane u dobojskoj bolnici.
Initiative FOR monitoring At the initiative of the osce office Doboj, civil society organizations in Derventa Womens Association Derventa Bios Plus, Youth organization Derbent, NGO Sunce and imic Zajedno launched the project just had sex op de eerste date Initiative for monitoring and advocacy.
It was agreed that the cooperation of these two organizations will be continued, especially in humanitarian activities.

Jokani Georgina 2000m, mali Edvina 1200m, vasi Radenko 924m.Association of Women Derventa has conducted campaign among citizens in local community and held the workshop for students of primary and high schools on subject Prevention in fight against trafficking in people from which we sent the message that people dont have price and that.Veoma brzo je okupirala panju ire javnosti.Association OF women FOR little eldar.Mr Steven Gillen, a political officer at the Embassy, in conversation with the project team of Womens association, was informed on activities in implementation of the project Prevention in struggle against trafficking in people which is supported bay the US Embassy in BiH and.Uviaj su obavili pripadnici Policijske stanice Derventa.Stjepanovi Dejan 19kom, kaloperovi Tomislav 17kom, plastenika proizvodnja oki Milenko 2200m.Victims are exposed to different kinds of violence and they have trauma for all life.