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This phenomenon contradicts the vrouwen wanneer u datum known laws of physic and technology.
There was no technical radiation (from power lines and/or other technology) found in the tunnels and no cosmic radioactivity.We have spent over 340.000 man-hours in archaeological excavation, sample testing and radiocarbon dating in the period from 2005 to 2012.History channel talks about Bosnian Pyramids (from 25 min)., through tunnel ravne, wITH.Volunteers 2013, applications are rolling.We might go to the Moon, but we still need to explore our Mother Earth.However, when I first verzending lokale adult dating saw their triangular faces, same slopes, obvious corners and orientation toward the cardinal points, I knew that they had to be constructed by a force other than nature.These finding confirms that the Bosnian pyramids are also the oldest known pyramids on the planet.

Ushtria turke, gati lejen që të hyjë në Irak.Vjen Lufta e Madhe?As long as they stay within the box, mainstream archaeologists will never be able to explain tooling and logistic needed to build stone heads on Easter Islands, machined granite blocks of Akapana pyramid complex in Bolivia or function of chambers in Giza pyramids.Ceramic sculptures have been discovered in the underground labyrinth with a mass of up to 18,000 pounds which makes them the largest found so far in the ancient world.Norman Lee Wendy Johnson - Club Captains 2017.Mayan world (Central America) is an example of the knowledge of Universe.THE significance OF sex date nijmegen THE bosnian pyramid discoveries In April 2005 I first traveled to the town of Visoko, 20 miles northwest from Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina.