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Over the last ten years GVA per head increased in the South East region.3., gebruik.Wscc is committed to improving GVA per capita in West Sussex which is currently below that of our neighbours and the South East average and as a response, is developing approaches that, over the longer term,is intended to encourage economic growth.The amalgamated Growth Plan will be drafted by end December 2015.Cc-by-sa-2.0 - Keywords: Lewes Bonfire Society, Guy Fawkes, effigy Categor.This contribution has fallen from over 9 in 1997.Cumulative growth in GVA per head in West Sussex between 20 was.1 marginally slower than in Surrey, but faster than in the Hampshire County Council Area, Kent and East Sussex and the regional and national average.Estimates of GVA per head for West Sussex suggests that in 1997 (the starting point of the current time series) GVA per head was 14,006 for West Sussex; slightly lower than for England (13,676 and 5 higher than that for the South East at 14,698.The South East economy expanded.8 according to these preliminary estimates from ONS, this was lower than growth across the UK, London, East of England and the South West.The GVA for West Sussex in 2013 was about.3 above the UK average and it had increased.6 significantly slower than in 2012 (6.4) but faster than the UK average and faster than in any other county in the South East in 2013.Distribution, transport, accommodation and food is the largest data 4 sex broad sector in West Sussex as it accounts for around 24 of total GVA.The data is released annually from ONS, the latest sub-regional estimates for GVA was released in December 2016, and the next release is expected in December 2017.More national level data will become available over the coming months, though it will be much longer before data for West Sussex will be released and we can see what the emerging picture is for the local economy particularly in light of the post.
It compares with the GVA per head seen in West Sussex South East of 20,933 (ranked 16/21).

The gap in GVA per head between West Sussex and the South East has now risen.1 in 2014.Dit bestand wordt op de volgende 2 pagina's gebruikt: Globaal bestandsgebruik, de volgende andere wiki's gebruiken dit bestand: Gebruik.Over time however GVA figures have risen in England and the South East at a higher rate than seen in West Sussex.GVA figures are workplace-based.e.GVA per head, gross Value Added per head, gross Value Added per head uses a workplace-based numerator.e.Quarter 1 - June 2016.The initiatives include the development of a series of Bold Ideas, which, if successful should create a encourage economic activity that will positively affect the West Sussex Economy, these ideas build on the countys existing economic assets to draw more high value jobs into the.