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Célibataire Il y a de plus en plus de célibataires d'après les statistiques.
Célibataire single hotel room (accommodation for one person in a hotel) chambre individuelle, chambre simple J'ai réservé une chambre individuelle pour la nuit du 15 novembre.Single"tion marks ( ponctuation ) guillemets simples single"s simple" single room (hotel room for one person) chambre pour une personne The single rooms here are no wider than the beds they contain.An initial suggestion is that, because this is a sensitive matter concerning community relations, such oude vrouwen op zoek naar mannen a decision should only be taken by a weighted majority.In single line ( Biologie ) leucine not a single one ni une chose not a single one ni une personne not a single person (nobody, not anyone) personne pas un seul ( soutenu : en sujet ) nul pas âme qui vive, pas.Nous avons beaucoup de lots et de paires mais pas d'objet individuel.Single (single room) chambre pour une personne He was travelling alone, so his room was just a single.However, it is thought most of the parties would prefer to use a simple majority vote.Il a frappé deux simples.
Partagées single-seater avion monoplace single-sex (school: girls- or boys-only) non mixte There are pros and cons to single-sex education.

Petit lit Dans la chambre d'amis il n'y de universiteit van essex google maps a qu'un petit lit.He bought a single ticket to Paris and planned to drive home.Elle a l'air de bien s'habituer à sa vie de célibataire.People providing information could not have their own testimony used against them in court, but they could be open to prosecution on the basis of evidence from elsewhere.A public events authority will adjudicate on contentious parades or protests.In the deal agreed between the DUP and Sinn Féin in 2010 it was proposed that the responsibility for parading should go to the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister.Image caption Dr Haass and his colleague, Meghan O'Sullivan, returned to Belfast for a final round of talks on 9 December.
Single (single thing) objet individuel We have lots of sets and pairs, but not one single.
Single US (baseball: base hit) ( Base-ball ) simple He hit two singles in that game.