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"Should travellers in rabies endemic areas receive pre-exposure rabies immunization?".
Siu; Yen-Hsu Chen; Po-Liang Lu; Tun-Chieh Chen; Hsiao-Chen Hsieh; Chun-Lu Lin (2007).
"Healing rituals and sacred serpents".
A gorilla licking a wound, wound licking is an instinctive response in humans and many other animals to lick an injury.Jennifer Warner: Rare Circumcision Ritual Carries Herpes Risk WebMD Health News, tfield, Gabrielle (2004).58 Another issue is the possibility of an allergy to proteins in the saliva of pets, such as Fel d 1 in cat allergy and Can f 1 in dog allergy.Horses that lick wounds may become infected by a stomach parasite, Habronema, a type of nematode worm.Valtonen M, Lauhio A, Carlson P,.61 A dog lick to an Australian woman's minor burn caused septicemia and necrosis due to Capnocytophaga canimorsus infection, resulting in the loss of all her toes, fingers and a leg."Antibacterial properties of saliva: role in maternal periparturient grooming and in licking wounds".Probable contamination of leg ulcers by the saliva of the domestic cats".
Presse Med (in French).

All for Love, or the World Well Lost."Cell-derived vesicles exposing coagulant tissue factor in saliva".Modern cases edit There are contemporary reports of the healing properties of dog saliva.Daarin zijn zes ambities geformuleerd waaraan hun dienstverlening in 2020 moet voldoen: De vraag van burgers, ondernemers en instellingen staat centraal in ons handelen.Na de vervaldatum werkt het product soms niet goed meer.See also edit References edit Engel, Cindy (2003).Vodafone zeige SMS-Kurzwahlen für andere Länder).The enzyme lysozyme is found in many tissues and is known to attack the cell walls of many gram-positive bacteria, aiding in defense against infection.
Progress in Brain Research.
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