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(lyrics: "Bei Mir Bist Du Schon" - uncredited) 1960 Pepe - Was kann die Welt schon kosten Hooray for Hollywood Die Perry-Como-Show (TV Series) (lyrics - 4 episodes) - Episode #13.11 (1960).Hitler is often ridiculed, sometimes depicted with Napoleons hat, sometimes as a drunk, sometimes as a vulture on a mountain of corpses or sometimes leading an army of skeletons.Beneath him an Australian soldier is shown bleeding to death with an American flag driven through his stomach.Second, since the Emperor was so beloved and worshipped by the people, to attack him would be counterproductive.I understood his, I knew about his wife, his children, his house, and even about his dog.Let It Snow!" - uncredited) - Episode #20.44 (2011).This respected leader of the Japanese people must be kept in place so that he can unconditionally surrender his forces and so that there can be a smooth transition of power.The denomination on the stamp is 30 stk solv which means 30 pieces of silver, an allusion to Judas betraying Christ.Extradited to France, Laval was convicted of treason by the High Court of Justice and condemned to death.